Это не люди выбирают Огонь, а Огонь выбирает людей. [C]
Для разбудивших меня в 11 какой-то дебильной русской альтернативой специальный бонус: слушать dso на полную громкость моих колонок, пока я не уйду. Просвящаться, фигли

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С твиттера dso: "Justice of Saint Mary" takes pole position on Angry Metal Guy's top 10 songs of 2012! www.angrymetalguy.com/angry-metal-guys-top-10is...

#1. Diablo Swing Orchestra - “Justice for Saint Mary” – In some ways this wasn’t hard and in other ways it was really hard. This track is 8 minutes and not super “metal” per se. But on the other hand, it moves this Angry Metal Guy to the Angry Metal Equivalent of Tears™. It’s got a slow build, with beautiful orchestrations and a fantastic vocal performance. And even though I’ve been informed that the industrial stuff at the end is now called “Dubstep” and that I’m supposed to hate it because Jonathan Davis likes it (a fair argument), I just can’t. I’m a sucker for the epic, the melodramatic and a minor key. “Justice for Saint Mary” has that in spades. The most brilliant song from a brilliant record and the best song I heard this year. Eat it up; because you won’t hear a song equally as good for a long time.

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